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About EDES


Who We Are

The Emirates Diabetes & Endocrine Society (EDES) is a non-profit medical society which was established in 1996. EDES represents a cross section of physicians and healthcare providers who are ...actively involved in the management of diabetes and endocrinology.

The Emirates Diabetes & Endocrine Society is the primary medical society in the United Arab Emirates and its objectives are to increase educate and promote the exchange of high-quality information about diabetes healthcare professionals, raise public awareness and encourage health improvement among the citizens and residents of the UAE. The society conducts a number of programs from Education to public awareness campaigns to help achieve its objectives.

Our Vision

Reduce lifestyle related diseases for a happier & healthier society

Our Mission

  • To prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.
  • To build a unique content rich educational platform that would become the flagship educational event for diabetes and endocrinology in the MENA Region

What We Do

As the primary diabetes health care society, we play a crucial role in education for health care professionals as well as for patients. Our remit covers the follow:

Put diabetes at the top of our national agenda

  • Support people effected by diabetes
  • Support the community with education
  • Provide the highest quality of scientific content that is available globally.
  • Provide the highest quality regional scientific meeting to keep HCP up to date
  • Attract global meetings to UAE.
  • Develop and grow international partnerships.